Lean Data offers different solutions around data handling and processing. The tools are designed and developed with an open and easy to use mindset. This means that the tools work dynamically and within the user environment to put the user in control, but also maintain stability & reliability in processing the data. Unnecessary repetitive manual steps are automated that will save you lots of time.

The solutions are developed in MS Access as it is part of MS Office and usually available in the end user environment. No additional cost (at most extension of the user license), IT changes, helpdesk support or installation time is required. The benefit over MS Excel is that MS Access is far more efficient in handling data and more reliable as it is designed to maintain the data integrity (contrary to MS Excel).

  • Have you ever experienced shifted columns, rows or cells that broke your spreadsheet?

Free tools

Some tools and functions are provided free of charge. They are easy to use and required little development or coding. The source code was usually found (for free) on expert forums which Lean Data used to build these practical functions. Therefore these are also shared with you at no cost.

MS SQL Server connector & data extraction

This tool consists of a form that allows you to link MS SQL tables in just three clicks:

  1. Choose the MS SQL server (provide the server name to connect to) and enter logon credentials
  2. Select the database with the tables
  3. Select the table to explore

You can now run queries directly on the linked table, make selections and export data directly to a text delimited file structure.

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Premium solutions

With the years of experience in data handling and processing the following tools are provided at a small charge. The functionality and logic was finetuned extensively on various data sources and is developed and improved continuously.

Data Deviation Discovery

The data deviation discovery solution will provide value immediately. You can start using the tool within 5 minutes after you loaded the data source.

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