Now available: experienced Enterprise Data Architect

Now available: experienced Enterprise Data Architect

After 12 years experience in the cross section of business and IT, worked for great employers at many and diverse businesses, Hugo is now available on interim basis.

He has a sharp and refreshing mindset, doesn’t fear asking tough questions to get to the core and is valued for his ability in conceptual thinking.

Hugo likes to combine is quantitive data analytics skills with an organizational change approach to improve business processes across departments and IT platforms.

When you need a different light on things, get in touch! is live is live

LeanData is about creating value from your data and building a data driven organization. Too often there is inefficiency in the business process that is caused by deviations in the data like missing, inconsistent or duplicate data entries. This results in rework and corrections throughout the chain.

Data as an Asset

To enable the bussiness to utilize the value from their data, the data needs to become fit for purpose. This requires the way of working and processes to be aimed at creating good quality data. This starts with treating your data as an asset. Asset management requires you to start thinking differently how you process and maintain your data as a lifecycle. It starts with:

  1. strategically planning & designing the foundation in line with your business strategy (data architecture),
  2. then building the structure (data asset),
  3. improve and optimize to meet the business requirements (data quality) and
  4. realize the value by bringing the data together (data migration).

On these (and relating) topics Lean Data will post ideas on issues based on day to day experiences, studies and discussions for your interest and entertainment.

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